Online Supplier Management

Online Supplier Management Onboarding, Management & Collaboration

The success of the UK Manufacturing Industry is dependent on its speed of innovation and ability to continually drive down the cost of production. Direc-Tec believe that an important part of this is creating highly effective eco-systems across the supply chain that are agile, collaborative and efficient.

At Direc-Tec we have applied our expertise and experience in digitalising processes and making data accessible to create Direc-Tec Online Supplier Management (OSM), a SaaS-based solution that is helping manufacturers to accelerate supplier onboarding, more effectively engage these suppliers and to create highly collaborative partnerships.

Transforming Supplier Onboarding

Onboarding a new supplier can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months, an unacceptable timeframe when you are looking to move at speed.

Direct-Tec transforms this with Online Supplier Management enabling new suppliers to be onboarded in under 3 days. We do this by placing the process online, taking care of posting data into your disparate systems, and automating workflow to remove manual steps and streamline the end-to-end process.

We provide your suppliers with an intuitive-to-use online portal through which they can provide you with the information you need. We ensure they don’t have to provide information multiple times to different parts of your organisation. We manage this for them connecting to your existing systems, digitalising data flow and removing manual steps.

Less Time | Less Effort | Better Experience

Holistic Supplier Management

At every step of the product lifecycle, critical supplier management decisions have to be made, making the right choice is dependent on having visibility to all of the data points.

By unifying these data points in a single Supplier Management Hub, Direc-Tec provides that visibility. Designers can view quality management data across suppliers to select the most appropriate components, production planners can see actual lead-times to better manage the supply chain, and procurement can manage holistic partnerships to drive economies of scale.

Direc-Tec Online Supplier Management provides that single pane of glass onto your suppliers to provide everyone in your organisation with not just a view of what is important to them, but that vital wider context. We open up new possibilities in the way you manage your supplier eco-system, using data as the enabler to drive better decisions and build stronger partnerships.

Supplier Visibility | Better Decisions | Proactive Management

Taking Supplier Collaboration To New Levels

Collaboration is key to any partnership; it allows manufacturers and suppliers to make progress together and fuels faster and more productive innovation. Achieving seamless collaboration can be a challenge; you are likely to use different systems from your suppliers and sharing information is difficult. This results in a significant time-lag or worse still, suppliers never receiving the designs and specifications they need. Manufacturers need to address these issues in order to achieve the ‘shift to the left’.

At the heart of Direc-Tec’s Online Supplier Management is the ability to simplify collaboration. By taking this online, we remove the delay in sharing information with suppliers and the manual burden of reformatting designs and specifications to make them accessible by your supply chain.

OSM acts as the bridge between your applications and those of the supplier taking each piece of information and ensuring it is available in the complete range of formats needed by your supply chain. Every communication is time stamped and visible to both parties making it easy to see and track where an action sits.

Remove Delays | Reduce Burden | Collaborative Working

Accelerate Onboarding

Direc-Tec OSM enables you to reduce supplier onboarding from months to days enabling you to move at speed and build the right relationships from day one.

Proactive Management

We simplify supplier management, providing everyone with the information they need to proactively manage suppliers to deliver game changing value.

Transforming Collaboration

Direc-Tec OSM transforms your ability to collaborate with suppliers, digitalising engagement and empowering your end-to-end eco-system to innovate together.