Your data, our problem

Does your organisation struggle to gather, analyse and utilise data?

Do you spend half your time searching for the data you need and the other half fielding questions from colleagues who can’t find the information they need?

You’re not alone.

Direc-Tec can help you structure your data and find ever smarter ways of getting your people, processes and technology working together. Our data engineering, business intelligence, and process automation services can put you in control of your data, creating competitive advantage, saving money, and generally making your life easier.

What we can do for you

Data engineering

Think of the largest companies in the world – all of which have grown up in the past 20 to 30 years. They have all harnessed data that their customers willingly give them and turned that into insights and understanding of each and every customer. That helps these companies offer tailored products to their customers in a very cost-effective manner.

Business and industry see the results that data can deliver. The challenge is that their data isn’t all joined up and structured effectively, and can’t be relied on in decision making.

Our approach has been built and refined over many years. During our working lives we have witnessed a lot of ways not to do things. In the past we have ourselves implemented systems which later became cumbersome and difficult to adapt to new situations.

Our experience has taught us that we need to move on from constantly building solutions from scratch. Instead, we have created a unified way to handle data – any data – which we can reapply to any situation. The beauty of our approach is that we can continuously evolve your data environment without undoing what’s already been built.

Your data can take many forms, including structured data such as databases and files and unstructured information in emails, manuals, pictures and drawings all of which hold vital information. Our methodology can handle all data formats to give you a fully organised data environment from which to build your business.

Business intelligence

Once your data is joined up and organised, you will be able to ask questions of it to understand in detail what is going on in your business and what your customers are doing or want to do.

You will be able to trust your data, and you will have the confidence to base decisions on the insights it provides.

Powerful graphics can bring your data to life and enable you to share your insights with your colleagues, customers and suppliers – a picture paints a thousand words. You could publish data to your customers in a portal, building their confidence in your business and cutting down on everyone’s admin.

Instead of spending hours searching for that elusive item of data you want – trying to work out where your team have filed it – let the machine find it for you. Not just within a single business system or in a specific format, but across all items of data that have passed through or are accessed by our platform. An example use case could be a response to a GDPR subject request.

We can help you find the best way to deliver business intelligence. We can work with your existing business systems, or recommend business intelligence platforms for you. We use open source software wherever possible; it delivers great functionality, is cost effective and lets you see what is possible without having to pay lots of money.

Process automation

Your business will have many processes within it. Process helps inform people as to how to do things and ensure that nothing is missed as you are taking something from A to B.

Within your processes there will be many steps that are administrative and repetitive processes. Any organisation that undergoes audits for standards, quality, insurance etc. will have a lot of administration to undertake in preparation for the audit as well as the requirement to prove that the process has been followed.

Activities might include: chasing someone for a response to an email, checking that a quality certificate is in date (or if it isn’t please can we have the latest version), asking colleagues for sign-off, to name a few.

We can help you optimise your processes, including the automation of standard steps to share and request information. Within the automation of your standard process flows, the system can issue notifications when you want another party’s input, and chase them if they haven’t got back you in a timely manner. You can set all this up at the outset and change it as needed.

We will help you automate the process and generate audit trails of who did what and when. This has a positive impact when you undertake quality, standards, or insurance audits – the information is easily accessible and does not require a lot of manual intervention.

Most importantly, you control all the process automations. Sit back and let the machine do the work for you.

Automating processes will free up time for you and your team to focus on the productive side of work.

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